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This era is marked by new and powerful dynamics: entire industries disrupted, customer hyperadoption of technology, and a desire for excellent customer experience in all interactions with businesses — whether personal or for work. All of these dynamics center around one thing: the customer. Thriving in today’s market requires businesses to pivot strategy and operations to not just know their customer but anticipate their needs and desires and do so quickly and decisively. APAC Insight helps you chart a path to customer obsession. Our research is rooted in the customer, backed by hundreds of thousands of insights, and helps shorten the distance between vision and superior execution. We help you understand external trends and what they mean for you, provide guidance to help you build your strategy with competitive edge, and offer actionable tools and frameworks so you can execute seamlessly to drive revenue and profit. LEARN MORE


In a customer-led market, true knowledge of your current and future customers is power. This is not simply the personas or segments that can tell you how to organize and think about your customer, or the customer satisfaction and advocacy measures that hint at what customers think but don’t tell you what to do about it. Instead, you need a positive feedback loop, where knowledge of customers’ behavior and expectations guides product and experience design, and where CX measures allow you to see how well you are meeting those expectations and, more specifically, where to invest to drive growth. APAC Insight gives you that positive feedback loop. Forrester Analytics helps you understand and anticipate customers, whether they are consumers or B2B buyers; provides a view into potential future change; and offers powerful CX measures and models to create a blueprint for growth. LEARN MORE


Our data products are the standard databases for the Asia-Pacific market. Continually updated, they provide our clients with accurate and up-to-date and historic data derived from a first-hand, bottom up research process.Why choose APAC Insight market data?
• Experienced research staff Our dedicated in-house analysts benefit from extensive local language skills and long-standing market relationships
• Rigorous data collection process Our researchers form part of a 100-strong wider research/analysis team, all skilled in primary research techniques
• Broad Coverage We set the standard for international data analysis, with “on the ground” researchers in over 50 markets
• Client support – when you need it Many of our Market Data services benefit from dedicated senior resource for client support and a full analyst support services.
Whether you are looking to undertake competitor analysis, market sizing, technology or trend analysis, our Market Data products will help you make better business decisions.  LEARN MORE


APAC Insight Consulting leverages the trusted research and analysis of APAC Insight to deliver fact-based, actionable advice on all phases of market strategy and tactics.
With a worldwide perspective, product and service market depth and breadth, and proven methodologies, we offer unmatched expertise and a superior knowledge of today’s local and global marketplace challenges.
APAC Insight advises clients entering new markets or introducing new offerings to markets already served.
• APAC Insight assesses the feasibility of entering a market by analyzing competitive and regulatory factors and evaluating the commercial potential of a market. If a market is attractive, APAC Insight can provide practical advice on how best to price, market and distribute your offering.
• For clients already present in Asia-Pacific seeking to bring new offerings to market, APAC Insight coordinates the resources of our in-house research analysts or commissions third-party market research as appropriate to develop a comprehensive go-to- market strategy.
When regulations or commercial expediency call for a partner, APAC Insight draws on our extensive experience in due diligence and partnership structuring to help our client screen, identify and secure the optimal partner.
• After short-listing and profiling qualified prospects, APAC Insight conducts a due diligence review. Our team of in-country experts are able to assess thoroughly a prospect’s financial performance and business plans.
• We cross check information by interviewing target company executives, suppliers, customers and competitors.
• APAC Insight typically works to complement advice provided by legal counsel and auditors, and where appropriate can recommend firms to assist with legal review and forensic accounting.
Our analysts join our experienced consultants on a project team with a commitment to delivering proprietary conclusions and recommendations that will make you more successful.  LEARN MORE

Executive Programs

Change is hard — it is also slow, frustrating, and fraught with issues. And yet this market is forcing leaders and teams to make changes that have little precedence but significant consequence. To accelerate progress and mobilize teams, leaders benefit from advice from those who have “been there, done that.” Individuals gain immediate value from peers grappling with similar challenges — peers who can expose best practices and shortcuts to minimize risk while maximizing results.APAC Insight Executive Programs, including Executive Programs and Leadership Boards, creates a force multiplier for you and your teams. Executive Programs pairs you with a former C-level executive, a trusted partner who you can think with, run scenarios by, and count on to help you make big calls. Leadership Boards provide peer connections to allow you to collaborate and create plans born from practical experience. LEARN MORE

Custom Solutions

What if you could harness the power of research to drive your business forward? With APAC Insight as your strategic partner, you can uncover thought leadership opportunities and innovative best practices to optimize engagement with your target markets in Asia/Pacific. Using our proprietary framework that leads through your entire business and technology life cycle, APAC Insight helps you:
• Develop relevant, impactful marketing messages and campaigns to engage your audience
• Educate sales on trends and customer needs to help them position solutions
• Grow your business via insights into your brand, product and customers
• Make informed decisions for planning and budgeting
• Measure all aspects of your business
APAC Insight Custom Solutions develops and delivers programs designed around your specific business goals. Using a foundation of research and insights across technologies, geographies, and industries, we merge expertise across practice areas that span strategy, sales and marketing, and business measurement, and management to help you grow your business in the digital era. LEARN MORE

Investment Research

For tens of thousands of industries professionals, APAC Insight Research is an indispensable daily resource. It’s what you need to know, what you need to do, where you need to look, and who you should be paying attention to. It’s independent, insightful, and instantly applicable to your business challenges. It’s like having hundreds of analysts thinking about your issues. The answers are always there when you need them. Only APAC Insight Research delivers this to you.
• In-depth research and analysis Regular, primary research from our analysts, direct to your desktop the minute it is assembled
• Exclusive news Our editors and reporters regularly speak to key decision makers in their specialist subject areas. We are not afraid to give you hard-hitting news that impacts major players and markets
• Complete research toolkit Search the full archive of analysis or download specific published research, for a complete library of sector coverage
• Key benchmarking data Fully exportable primary data for your internal presentations, documents and data tools
• Flexible, multi-user access Online and PDF research delivered to users in your office, your site, or entire organisation.
Our analysts are deeply connected in Asia-Pacific area, enabling you to detect trends before they hit the headlines and helping you make better commercial decisions. LEARN MORE


Taking time out of the office to interact with subject matter experts and your peers to learn, develop perspective, and draw inspiration from leaders is time well spent. But the events space is crowded and everyone wants a piece of your calendar. APAC Insight events are different. Join our experts in marketing, technology and innovation, security and risk, and data strategy, for immersive experiences. These events offer inspirational content from industry innovators, deep-dive sessions on niche topics you care about, and high-caliber networking with peers that share your title, industry, and mindset. Add on 1:1 time with analysts and skill-building workshops for an inspiring and productive experience. LEARN MORE


We provide a fully interactive and flexible approach to meeting your training needs from scheduled public courses at locations around the Asia-Pacific to distance learning programmes and tailored in-house training, held at a time and location convenient to you. Our aim is to deliver training that is informative, enjoyable and directly relevant to the needs of you and your business. We use the following 6 stages to identify and meet those needs:
• Submit Request or Complete Training Needs Analysis– guided by one of our experienced programme developers, we’ll discuss and identify your training needs
• Agree Programme Content – in response to your request or following the training needs analysis we’ll produce a comprehensive course description
• Proposal Submitted – based on the above we’ll deliver a detailed proposal including dates and costs
• Programme Development – once agreed we’ll produce the programme material including any bespoke material, case studies and exercises necessary
• Programme Delivery – our highly experienced technology and business trainers will travel to the location of your choice and deliver a highly participative and enjoyable programme for your staff
• Post Training Review – each programme is reviewed together with feedback from the programme participants, impact of training assessed and future learning needs identified.
Our aim is to produce and deliver training that is informative, enjoyable and directly relevant to the needs of your staff and business. LEARN MORE